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Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness ~ George Santayana 


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Hello. I’m Sharon Davis , a retired Special Needs and Elementary educator of 35 years, BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst), and a Certified Life Coach.  I’ve worked to improve the lives of many students and families with intensive needs throughout my career,  and recognize the  exhausting commitment it takes to get through one day at a time. As a classroom teacher it was clear there was a need to support the whole family, if both the student and family were going to live their best lives! 

This desire led me to my most recent work as a consultant and life coach supporting families , helping them to educate, self advocate,  and seek out necessary resources for both the family and the child. 

During my career  I  served in a variety of roles in the educational system, working with Pre-K, K-8 and 9th-12th grade.  My time was spent working to develop and implement curriculum , social emotional programming, intensive behavior support programs, and ABA evidence based programming. As both a parent and an educator I understand the unique challenges that parents, siblings, spouses and family relatives face. 

Target Interventions was founded to provide clients with information on how to take action with their child's program development, access available Special Education resources, decide what values will guide, motivate, and inspire what you do, improve daily living for the entire family,  AND ultimately enjoy a more organized , peaceful, and family focused life!  

While I have lived and worked between CT and NJ, virtually I am able to connect with clients from locations across the US.  Having been a working mom, I understand how difficult it can be to squeeze additional appointments into an already busy day. Virtual connections provides the opportunity to reach a wider ray of clients , with greater flexibility of time and location.  

We hope to serve a greater number of families, and meet the unique needs of each client.  Whether it be Consulting or Coaching we aim to help clients see a way forward in the face of life's most difficult times.  Take some weight off your shoulders, and learn how to notice , relax and enjoy life as it should be!


Sharon Davis , MA Criminal Justice/Applied Behavioral Analysis, BCBA, CLC



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