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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

You may be asking what is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

The acronym ACT simply means:


Accept thoughts and feelings and be present

Choose a valued direction

Take action


Through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy you will learn to :

  • embrace, learn from and accept thoughts and feelings
  • be present
  •  work to change behaviors that are in line with your values   


Easier said then done! Whether it be pain from the past, problems in the present or fears about the future we can work together to direct your attention to where it needs to go to be more effective and build the life thats important to you.

There is evidence to support  ACT has been effective in treating disorders such as: depression, anxiety, chronic pain, obsessive compulsive disorders, stress, life transitions, or general discontent in some area of life. While caregivers and family members may not experience one of the above diagnosis, ACT does provide exercises to allow individuals to adapt to challenging situations in life by being aware, open and committed to behaviors that are in line with their values.  

 As an ACT counselor I will  help clients of any age to:

  •  evaluate current ways of coping with and responding to difficult thoughts and feelings
  •  recognize the need for more effective ways to cope and respond to difficult thoughts and feelings.
  •  identify core values (what's truly important and meaningful to a person)
  •  learn strategies to change behavior , allowing for a more consistent demonstration of their values.
  • apply techniques and strategies to manage inner experiences without letting them restrict their ability to function or enjoy life. 

Do you want to live a rich full and meaningful life?


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