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Back To School Recipe

Aug 08, 2023

Heading Back to School can be a challenge for any child, even more so for students with special needs.  Below is a Simple recipe with steps to help everyone ease back into the school year.


 Let’s help your student who is getting ready to start the new school year! In most cases they are feeling a mix of emotions, from excitement to anxiety. We have a recipe anyone can follow that will lead to success!


Talk with the child and new teachers to set expectations. Review challenges, achievements and share successful strategies that have worked. Let your child know about the new changes, rules, and routines that are ahead! Begin the pairing process between the student and teacher before the first day when anxiety is at its highest boiling point. Provide a preview using photographs, an end of the year Meet and Greet, a Summertime individual tour, or simply communicate regularly about the new teacher, classroom, and environment in general.

 Steps to Success:

The first and most important ingredient is a strong Individualized Education Program (IEP), this will have all the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. With the help of their IEP, they will be able to access the curriculum and make progress in their learning.

 Second be sure to add in a serving of social emotional support. This can be any amount of kindness and understanding. Whether it be from an adult in the program or maybe a same age / buddy partner also starting the new year. Knowing you are not alone is an important ingredient!

 Next, fold in dash of appropriate help from the teacher. This assures the student will understand material being presented and stay on track with their studies. For this to happen the teacher must have appropriate information and team support for accommodations and modifications to the curriculum. With proper measures in place for both the student and teacher we can ensure the student will access the material and make progress in their learning.

 Last, let things simmer as you prepare for the daily rhythm of a school day. Consider implementing school day events such as lunch, study time, play time, similar wake up and bedtimes as during the school year. Create a routine where the student can anticipate new events, reducing the unknowns along with their anxiety.   

 Let it Cool!

Let the school year settle in for a bit. But don’t forget it’s important to recognize both the student and teacher for their hard work and dedication. With appropriate supports your student will achieve success in their studies and will be an inspiration to others.

For additional strategies and support please visit targetinterventions.com or email [email protected]



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