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As a coach with a specialized niche in Pre-K -12 th grade Education , and Applied Behavior Analysis, I also provide clients with simple everyday life strategies.  My goal is to educate caregivers and clients on how to use tools and skills necessary to effectively improve their quality of life and achieve goals for the whole family.

For adults and caregivers we address targeted aspects such as stress management, self esteem, time management, organizational skills, goal-setting, work/life balance and interpersonal skills ,YOU and your family will experience a more balanced, happy and successful life!  

Coaching children also involves addressing life skills, building self confidence and self esteem, goal setting, visualization and action planning. However it is different in that a child's frontal lobe is not fully developed and nor are their critical reasoning skills. Mindset skills require specific attention and engaging the child with fun, yet relatable scenarios.   Using a coach model we help children to better handle the ups and downs of growing up while continuing to strengthen their thinking and decision making skills. We will help them discover a means to handle mistakes , disappointments, allowing them to be prepared for all of life's challenges and changes that are to come!

A Coach is:

•A partner in achieving goals

•A confidant when exploring choices

•A motivator towards growth

•A source of enthusiasm 

•A reality check

•A sounding board 

•A referee to help you push the envelope

•An anchor during stormy times


 With a Coach YOU will:

● Be “in action” because YOU set your own goals 

● Have a balanced life because YOU designed it.

● Be comfortable leaving YOUr comfort zone.

● Discover your inner strength and desires.

● Make focused and informed decisions.

● Gain closure, move forward, and clear up unresolved issues.

● Learn how to live a fulfilling life and ask for what YOU need.

● Look at life from a positive perspective

● Strengthen YOUr support system and be a stronger YOU!



We want to support YOU!

 Take action and live a more balanced and fulfillling life.


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Schedule a 1:1 Session

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