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      Having spent 35 years in the classroom as a Special Educator and BCBA  I was considering retirement. However I soon realized it wasn’t retirement I needed, rather it was time for a new direction. My career focused on supporting, developing and implementing curriculum and behavior intervention plans for the students school day.

    As an educator I recognize the number of families who need support outside of the  6.5 Hr. school day.  My goal is to empower families by providing the necessary guidance to promote positive outcomes both in school and the home.  While the majority of my experience has been in NJ and CT , the laws are based on the IDEA/Individuals with Disabilities Act, and NCLB/No Child Left Behind, which are federal laws and mandates that apply to every state. Regardless of  your  physical location, I would love to help you and your family!

Target Interventions would like to :

  • Work with families to ensure  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)  is properly in place making available a free appropriate public education and ensuring special education and related services to eligible children with disabilities are being implemented.
  • Provide support as it relates to expectancies and independence, by creating a Master Plan for your child's future. The  master plan will include a vision statement, mission statement, goals, strategies and timelines. These elements will help you work efficiently with clear, focused, concise and flexible plans.    
  • Provide preparation support to parents prior to school team meetings: Review IEP's, 504's,   Functional Assessments (FA),  Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) and school related documents prior to annual reviews, school meetings and parent/guardian teacher conferences.
  • Provide knowledge and support to empower parents/guardians to advocate for their child and include meaningful strategies to promote self advocacy for the child. 
  • Provide methods to help you organize, plan, monitor progress, anticipate related problems and remain focused on your child's plan, all while taking care of yourself!
  •  Help families find appropriate resources for their child and family as they navigate through everyday life. 


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